(TStarnes) – If you send your kid to Brown University, there’s a good chance they could turn out gay.

A new survey revealed that 40 percent of the university’s student population now identifies as LGBT.

That’s over five times the national rate.

Last year Gallup conducted a survey showing about 7.2 percent of adults identify as non-straight. However, nationwide nearly 20 percent of 18 to 25 year olds identified as gay.

Josephine Kovecses, a member of the class of ’25, told The Brown Daily Herald she thought those numbers were driven by broadening social norms in recent years.

“Queer people haven’t been able to be open in their identifications for that long. So it’s exciting that the numbers are growing and that queer people are able to be open in particular at Brown,” Kovecses said.

So what’s happening? Are we in the midst of some sort of sexual evolutionary event – never before seen in world history?

I don’t believe we are. In truth I suspect what we are seeing is some sort of social contagion.

I warned parents that our public schools had been turned into indoctrination camps run by perverts.

The goal is to confuse your child. Make them think being gay is cool – so therefore your child becomes gay.

Homeschool your children, America.