Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, funded by George Soros, has leveled a new accusation against President Donald Trump. Bragg alleges that Trump is using his 2024 presidential campaign to evade accountability for supposed crimes. This assertion is part of Bragg’s response to Trump’s motion to dismiss the case brought against him, accusing him of making hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Legal experts, including Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, have criticized the legal foundation of Bragg’s case, deeming it weak. Trump has pleaded not guilty, and his legal team sought dismissal of the charges in October.

Trump’s legal tea responded:

After a five-year meandering, halting, and roving investigation that entailed inexplicable and unconstitutional delay, the District Attorney’s Office filed a discombobulated package of politically motivated charges marred by legal defects, procedural failures, discovery violations, and a stubborn refusal to provide meaningful particulars regarding its theory of the case.

On November 15 Alvin Bragg responded to Trump’s motion with a 99-page document. In this response, Bragg asserted that Trump is attempting to utilize his 2024 campaign as a means to escape prosecution, or as Bragg put it, “to evade criminal responsibility.”

Bragg wrote:

Defendant repeatedly suggests that because he is a current presidential candidate, the ordinary rules for criminal law and procedure should be applied differently here.

Courts have repeatedly rejected defendant’s demands for special treatment and instead have adhered to the core principle that the rule of law applies equally to the powerful as to the powerless.

The outcome of Trump’s motion to dismiss is yet to be determined, and it will depend on the judge’s ruling. Given the political landscape of New York City as a Democrat stronghold, expectations lean towards an unfavorable decision for Trump. The trial is slated for March 2024 if the case proceeds to that stage.