The Democrats employ a common Marxist strategy by highlighting the most radical forms of election manipulation in order to portray all their rivals as delusional conspiracy theorists. It is important to note that there is no evidence of Venezuelans hacking into any voting machines. However, it is evident that the 2020 election was tampered with well before the actual election day.

His remedy provides a fundamental sense of rationality. However, it is his analysis that is even more perceptive. The use of mail-in voting and widespread drop boxes is unlikely to result in millions of fraudulent ballots — the most extreme allegations of voter fraud. Nevertheless, they do influence results at the margins by favoring Democrats in the game. When combined with the extensive network of community organizers, they streamline the voting process, transforming even the least interested citizen into a dependable blue vote. When Democratic activists cross the line from unethical to illegal, the anonymity of drop-offs and mail-ins makes it exceedingly difficult to prove a crime. As Musk points out, plausible deniability is the objective.

It is, however, even more surprising to receive such information from a centrist figure like Musk. Prior to drawing attention from the media and government by challenging left-wing beliefs, Musk was widely admired as one of the most intelligent and successful individuals in the world. Despite the left’s efforts to discredit him, this reputation still resonates with millions of ordinary people.

Therefore, it is significant that he has conveyed the truth about election manipulation to his 189 million followers. While ordinary people may be skeptical when they hear it from so-called “right-wing sources,” the more they hear it from a centrist perspective, the more beneficial it is for America.