Fox News has terminated one of its most longstanding executives, John Finley, following allegations of misconduct. The decision came after Fox found that Finley had breached the company’s conduct standards. Finley, a seasoned executive who played a significant role in the development of numerous major network shows and previously served as Sean Hannity’s executive producer, was placed on leave from his position as executive vice president of development a few weeks prior. An external law firm had been investigating the allegations, and, based on their conclusions, he was dismissed from the network on a Friday.

“Fox News Media and John Finley have parted ways after an independent investigation concluded that he had violated certain standards of business conduct,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement.

The company did not say what Finley had done.

As reported by the Washington Post, an anonymous source with knowledge of the matter suggested that the executive had leveraged his position to favor someone over whom he had influence.

In 2011, Fox News’ human resources department conducted an inquiry into Mr. Finley following allegations of improper conduct by an employee.

Although it was found that he had been involved in an email chain that raised concerns among company officials, Fox News’ internal investigation ultimately cleared him of wrongdoing. Consequently, the female producer who made the allegations left the network.

John Finley dedicated over two decades to the network, where his recent role involved overseeing show development and playing a significant part in the management of the Fox Nation streaming service.

His contributions extended to shows like Hannity, as well as the development of The Five, which has become Fox’s top-rated program. Furthermore, he was involved in the popular talk show Outnumbered and the show Life, Liberty & Levin, hosted by conservative figure Mark Levin.

In a 2019 news release announcing his most recent promotion, Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott praised Finley for having “played a fundamental part in the development of some of our most successful and signature programs.”

He called him “an asset to the network.”