A large group of demonstrators gathered outside Senator Chuck Schumer’s residence in Brooklyn, demanding an end to the United States’ support for Israel. Footage shared on X displayed a significant number of protesters congregating outside Schumer’s home for a “Seder in the Streets” event during the second day of the Passover holiday.

The seder is a traditional Passover meal that involves singing, storytelling, reading, consuming special foods, and observing other customs. In Israel, it is typically held on the first night of Passover, while outside of Israel, it is observed on the first two nights of the holiday.


Jewish demonstrators assembled outside Schumer’s residence were said to be affiliated with organizations like the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) branch in New York City, If Not Now, and the New York chapter of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, as mentioned in a post on X by JVP NYC.