Biden expressed remorse to NBC News host Jonathan Capehart for using the term “illegal” in reference to the perpetrator who brutally murdered the 22-year-old Georgia nursing student during his State of the Union speech. Additionally, Biden mistakenly referred to the victim, Riley, as “Lincoln” twice during the address. The president has not issued an apology for this grave error.

“I shouldn’t have used illegal, it’s undocumented,” he told MSNBC.

The passing of Riley has transformed into a call to action for Republicans, a sorrowful event that they argue epitomizes the Biden administration’s management of the U.S-Mexico border during an unprecedented influx of undocumented individuals crossing the southern border.

“Look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about in the border was his, the way he talks about vermin, the way he talks about these people polluting the blood. I talked about what I’m not going to do. What I won’t do. I’m not going to treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect,” Biden said.

Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, strongly criticized the president and pointed out that he still hasn’t apologized to Riley’s family.

“He should be apologizing to the family as opposed to apologizing for the word that he used which is an accurate description,” he told reporters before Trump took the stage. He ripped the response as “tone deaf” and a “pivotal moment” that highlights the candidates’ “two very distinct differences in approach on the border invasion.” “There’s a clear difference,” he said. “One is sympathetic, coddling, and making excuses. And one wants to put a stop, put an end to it.”