President Joe Biden has implemented a novel strategy to divert focus from his walking style. According to Axios, Biden has recently begun having his aides accompany him on the walk from the White House to Marine One, rather than walking alone.

“With aides usually walking between Biden and journalists’ camera position outside the White House, the visual effect is to draw less attention to the 81-year-old’s halting and stiff gait,” Axios reported.

It noted, “Some Biden advisers have told Axios they’re concerned that videos of Biden walking and shuffling alone — especially across the grass — have highlighted his age.”

The president’s team members allegedly hold the view that the inclusion of walking aids has positively impacted the perception of his walk towards the helicopter, and they are in favor of its continuation.

Biden has taken various measures, such as wearing supportive shoes and using shorter stairs to board Air Force One, in an effort to mitigate any concerns related to his age and potential falling incidents.