A “fact-checking” process challenged a social media campaign that aimed to question claims regarding former Democratic President Bill Clinton’s visits to the late child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “Pedophile Island.”

In an unusual turn, the “fact-check” was carried out by the Community Notes system on Elon Musk’s Twitter/X.

As previously reported this weekend, activist Alex Rosen disrupted a Hillary Clinton rally to inquire about her husband’s visits to Epstein’s island. During the event on Friday, Rosen vocally raised questions about Bill Clinton’s association with Epstein before security staff physically removed him.

“Hey Hillary,” Rosen shouted, causing the audience to turn toward him.

“Why has your husband been to Epstein Island 26 times?”


The video of the heckling gained rapid popularity on social media, sparking a campaign aimed at spreading false information about Rosen and discrediting his statements.

A widely circulated post on X, which was filled with falsehoods, wrongly asserted that Rosen, who is Jewish, was an “anti-Semitic Trump supporter.” It also falsely claimed that his statements about Bill Clinton were untrue.

However, the Community Notes system quickly refuted this narrative.

In a “Community Notes” update to a post regarding Hillary’s heckling, the X team of researchers corrected the user who erroneously claimed that Rosen “falsely accused Bill Clinton of visiting Epstein’s island.”

“Bill Clinton was a guest at Epstein’s private Caribbean island, according to courtroom testimony from one of Epstein’s victims,” reads a message by the X Community Notes team added to the false tweet.

The Community Notes tag continued: “Bill Clinton’s former top adviser Doug Band admitted Bill Clinton did visit Jeffrey Epstein’s island.”