Information has surfaced online that sheds light on Bill Gates’ involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting how the Microsoft co-founder made substantial profits through the promotion of mRNA vaccines.

A viral social media post that outlines Gates’ pandemic-related profits has garnered millions of views. Pelham, a well-known account on Twitter/X, shared information about Gates’ investments in the pharmaceutical industry through this post. Additionally, the post reveals how Gates influenced the public narrative during the pandemic to enhance the profitability of his investments.

“Bill Gates purchased shares in BioNTech (Pfizer’s partner for its mRNA Covid shots) in September 2019… just months before the pandemic was announced…” the post reads.

“Gates purchased 1,038,674 shares at pre-public offering price of $18.10 per share…” the user explained.

“Gates dumped his stocks, in November 2021 at an average sale price of $300 per share…

“Gates on the same day said, ‘We need a new way of doing the vaccines because the vaccines *didn’t stop transmission*’ despite all of his previous claims to the contrary.

“It’s almost like Gates knew Covid-19 was going to be released, and he also knew the vaccines were never designed to stop transmission.”

The accuracy of the post was confirmed in January when Jordan Schachtel reported on SEC filings. These filings revealed that during the third quarter of 2021, the Gates Foundation reduced its holdings in BioNTech from 1,038,674 shares to 148,674 shares, representing an 86 percent reduction in the Gates Foundation’s position in the mRNA vaccine manufacturer.

“As you can see below, Gates just so happened to time the market perfectly, selling the shares during BioNtech’s best performing quarter,” he noted.

In July 2022, Dr. Joseph Mercola penned a comprehensive article elucidating how Pfizer reaped significant profits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in January, even NBC acknowledged that the pandemic had propelled Pfizer’s revenue for 2022 to a historic $100 billion.

In response to the widely circulated post on social media, users on Twitter/X expressed their indignation towards Bill Gates.

“So he made just three hundred million bucks off the Vaccine injured. Creep,” Kimberly Becerra wrote.

“Global Terrorist,” a user named GoDC labeled Gates.

“There’s a special place in hell for creatures of his ilk…,” another user stated.

Other users responded by branding Gates as “evil” and a “traitor.”

“I am now convinced they all knew and that it was released on purpose,” Patrick Laureys commented on the revelations.

“This was not an accident.”