Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has recently initiated a fresh endeavor aimed at incorporating “maggot milk” into the general public’s food consumption.

This novel product, known as “EntoMilk,” is being touted as a substitute for dairy and is derived from the larvae of black soldier flies, commonly referred to as maggots. The creators of EntoMilk have ingeniously blended these maggots into a luscious and smooth liquid that closely resembles dairy in both appearance and texture.

“It’s got a very creamy mouthfeel,” a promotional video claims.

Gates and his supporters contend that EntoMilk ought to supplant conventional dairy milk due to the purported environmental devastation caused by farming.

“The world needs alternatives to survive,” the promo claims.

“Insects are vital for the future of food because they require very little land and they don’t damage the environment like livestock.

“They don’t produce greenhouse gases.”

The video also argues that “the world is going to struggle to produce enough food for the growing population.”

“Insects are a very viable option.”

Globalists argue that providing the general population with “EntoMilk” is essential to combatting climate change and saving the planet. The promotional video showcasing EntoMilk was unveiled by Alex Jones of Infowars.