(CBrief) – A since-deleted Facebook post appears to provide new evidence that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg intended to target former President Donald Trump from the earliest days of his campaign for his current office.

The deleted page, uncovered by Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry, dated April 25, 2021, says, “Please join me on Tuesday in a conversation with Dan Goldman as we discuss the Dereck Chauvin verdict, Donald Trump, and what’s at stake for the next #ManhattanDA. #JusticeCantWait. #JusticeForAll.”

Goldman formerly served as impeachment counsel for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) during Trump’s first impeachment trial.

The post also included a link to ActBlue, a left-wing Democrat-aligned fundraising software.

According to the platform’s LinkedIn page: “At ActBlue, we build tech and infrastructure for Democratic campaigns, progressive-aligned causes, and people working to create a better future.”

On Saturday, Sperry also noted, via Twitter: “Hill investigators looking into connections between Dem Rep. ADAM SCHIFF & Dem DA Bragg + Dem Judge Merchan hearing Trump case; Merchan’s Dem consultant daughter recently called Schiff a ‘client’ and Schiff’s impeachment counsel Dan Goldman has worked closely w/ Bragg.”

Goldman has since been elected to Congress, as noted in an earlier tweet from Sperry: “House sources say Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman of Manhattan — who prosecuted the first Trump impeachment & has been bragging to reporters about sabotaging GOP investigations of the Bidens — has privately consulted with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg about indicting Trump.”