(TStarnes) – Steve Bannon, the host of War Room and President Trump’s White House chief strategist, says that at least 35 Trump allies were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Bannon dropped that bombshell during an interview on “The Charlie Kirk Show.”

This is the Gestapo,” Bannon said. “The jack-booted Gestapo.”

Bannon said those raided included senior members of the Make America Great Again movement, Republicans and supporters of the former president.

“Screw them. I spit right in their eye. We’re rolling and we’re rolling hard, baby,” he said of the FBI.

Bannon said all 35 had lawyers

“This is the FBI rolling in and trying to be muscle,” he said. “This is all about intimidation.”

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson described it as a “full-scale purge of supporters of Donald Trump.”

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon told Carlson that as many as 50 Trump supporters received subpoenas — calling them “extremely broad.”

“Most of this activity is protected by the First Amendment,” Dhillon said. “The United States Department of Justice is telling reporters about the search warrants and subpoenas before they are executed.”

Watch the interview below.