(TStarnes) – There’s been a big debate about pronouns in of all places Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

During a recent school board meeting – the district’s attorney said that misgendering a student amounts to sexual harassment.

Misgendering goes like this: Bubba Earl identifies as Betty Sue. If you address him with male pronouns – you’re guilty of misgendering.

The Sweetwater County District Attorney said at this point they do not consider misgendering someone to be a crime.

The school district’s attorney also said that schools may choose to hide a student’s transgender behavior from parents if the school believes the child’s safety may be at risk.

“If a student is requesting the use of a transgender name and/or pronoun, we will honor their request. It is also not our obligation to notify the parent of this request and we will not do so, the policy states.

In other words – the teachers know best.

It’s a bit shocking to hear of this sort of debate in of all places Wyoming – but this is the reality of our nation’s education system.

By and large I’d say the good people of Wyoming know the difference between a bull and a heifer.

Not to mention a cowboy and a cowgirl.