(CBrief) – Another prominent Democrat is in serious trouble of losing their re-election as a new poll reveals that Washington Democrat Sen. Patty Murray — who has held the seat since 1993 — is losing ground to Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley.

“All year long, Republicans trying to spin a giant national landslide have been talking up a potential upset of five-term incumbent Senator Patty Murray. This is despite the fact that Murray won 54 percent in the August 2 nonpartisan top-two primary, usually a sure sign of a general election victory. Soon after that result, the GOP began spending money attacking Murray, and Republican nominee Tiffany Smiley (best known as an advocate for severely wounded veterans) started putting up impressive fundraising numbers of her own. A Trafalgar Group survey in late September showing Murray below 50 percent and only leading Smiley by two points raised eyebrows, but was mostly dismissed as a typically pro-GOP outlier,” MSN reported.

“Now the race is generally considered competitive, though only Trafalgar (which just published a new poll showing Murray up 49-48) has it even. The most recent competing data is from the poorly credentialed Oregon robo-pollster Triton, and showed Murray up by just over five points and just over 50 percent. With Republicans threatening to win multiple Democratic-held House districts in Washington and Oregon, along with Oregon’s gubernatorial race, the midterms are shaping up as a possible northwestern blue-state nightmare for Democrats. The Republican confidence that this is a real race seems to be more of a GOP strategic feint than something Democrat should panic over. Either way, we won’t know a lot on Election Night, since Washington is an all-mail-ballot state where ballots postmarked by Election Day will count no matter when they are received,” the outlet added.

The Senate is currently split 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris’ power to cast tie-breaking votes giving Democrats the edge.

This race could determine which party controls the upper chamber, which is why Democrats are spending millions of dollars on ad spending to help Murray in solidly blue Washington state.

“Last week, Women Vote, a super PAC affiliated with the abortion rights organization EMILY’s List, added $2.4 million to the Washington race. That’s on top of $4 million the group had already spent this year on television ads supporting Murray, according to AdImpact. The state hasn’t sent a member of the GOP to the Senate in decades. Washington’s last Republican senator, Slade Gorton, was elected in 1988 and left office in January 2001,” Politico reported.

Smiley recently went after Murray, Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Joe Biden.

“All and all, vice president Kamala Harris has failed us. She has failed her children. She’s failed Washington state, and Senator Patty Murray has gone along and made it worse. In Washington state, it is easier for a child to find fentanyl than it is for a parent to get baby formula,” Smiley said.

“Murray has no agenda,” Smiley added. “We can’t afford six more years of Murray.”

“Patty Murray is doing her best to talk about anything BUT the economy as this race heads into November. As much as she’d like to ignore it, the unfortunate reality for Washingtonians is that prices are still skyrocketing and a gallon of gas is $5.34, nearly $1.50 above the national average of $3.91. Washingtonians need a senator who works for solutions to the issues impacting their daily lives, even when it means standing up to your party! Gas and food prices are already high, and, thanks to Senator Murray voting in lock-step with President Biden, heating prices will start climbing too as a result of the excise tax on natural gas she supported in the ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’” Smiley said about Murry at an event last week.

“Enough is enough! Our state is too great to drown under failed leadership. My Agenda for Economic Recovery and Reform lays out a plan to bring relief to Washingtonians and it is a plan that is resonating. Hope is on the horizon for Washington state this November!” Smiley added.