(The Post Millennial) – A third video has dropped from Project Veritas, exposing the levels of manipulation that Google executives go to as a way to skew results to their own partisan bias, as opposed to trending toward a goal of objectivity.

In the video, Project Veritas’ hidden cameras show a senior Google executive, Ashwin Agrawal, saying that “there are many ways” to influence elections. He says that “ads is one way,” and “another way is search results,” and “YouTube is going to be another one.”

Agrawal said that “The truth is, a deep platform is influencing you in a way that you didn’t sign up for.” The algorithms that are driving these platforms are pushing users toward specific clicks, thoughts, and actions.

“If you’re a Democrat,” he said, “and you see more and more Democrat [content], you’re not given an opportunity to change your mind.” What the algorithms do is provide users with material that the algorithm has learned the users tend to click on, and then it provides more of that. In essence, it creates a closed loop where the more it feeds specific content to a user, the more that user clicks on that content, and the more content of that kind is fed to the user.

Agrawal used the example of campaign ads, saying “Biden creating 500 ads, one for each mission—but each of us only seeing the one that we care about.”

As regards the perceived bias against conservatives in Big Tech, Agrawal said “If I say that tomorrow, that I’m a Trump supporter, I’d probably lose my job.”

Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe said that “Google is the most dominant Big Tech company in the world and its power to shape our politics is very scary.”

These new revelations from Project Veritas, which have been exposed in three videos this week, the first on search functions and the second on bias in advertising, come at a time when Big Tech is under scrutiny.