(The Post Millennial) – In a press conference on Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed the use of vaccine passports like those enacted in New York City, instead advocating for letting people live their lives.

The theory behind the vaccine passport is okay, if you force everyone to be up to have it in order to kind of limit society, then you’ll be able to basically just a new coat new COVID we know that that’s not the case.

DeSantis stated that “the theory behind the vaccine passport” is to force everyone to have it to live in society, “then you’ll be able to basically just nuke COVID.”

“We know that that’s not the case,” DeSantis added. “You know with very high vaccination rates, you still have big waves.”

“So it just doesn’t make any sense,” DeSantis continued. “And my view is, we’ve got to protect people’s ability to live their lives. I don’t want a biomedical security state in which are constantly having to do this just to be able to live everyday life.”

DeSantis added a note that the vaccines “have helped people ward off severe illness.”

Back in April, long before any city instituted the use of vaccine passports in the United States, DeSantis issued an executive order banning the use of those passports in Florida.

“Requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for taking part in everyday life-such as attending a sporting event, patronizing a restaurant, or going to a movie theater would create two classes of citizens based on vaccination,” the executive order read. “It is necessary to protect the fundamental rights and privacies of Floridians and the free flow of commerce within the state.”

“No Florida government entity, or its subdivisions, agents, or assigns, shall be permitted to issue vaccine passports, vaccine passes, or other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status to a third party, or otherwise publish or share any individual’s COVID-19 vaccination record or similar health information,” reads the order’s text.