(Slay News) – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) slammed Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) for a social media post where he tried to blame her for the tragic attack by a troubled young man in a suburb of Chicago.

Swalwell actually tweeted a picture of Boebert holding a rifle alongside an image of the shooter, Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, with the caption, “Let’s start drawing straight lines.”

Lauren silenced Eric with her response. She said: “I get that Eric Swalwell isn’t a fan of our constitutional rights and is desperate to distract from his repeated political failures, but the only straight line that needs to be drawn is from Eric Swalwell to Fang Fang to the Chinese Communist Party.

“I will make sure that line gets drawn when we take back the House.

“Law-abiding gun owners won’t be smeared and disarmed every time a California failed presidential candidate rolls out of bed with a Chinese spy and tries to blame us for the conduct of others.

“Yes, let’s. How’s Fang Fang these days?”

She added later:

“@EricSwalwell, give it up creep.

“Did Fang Fang block you on WeChat? You can’t date me.

“Democrats love to talk about dangerous rhetoric. Swalwell is a Russia Hoax conspirator and failed presidential candidate that slept with a Chinese spy.

Now he’s comparing me to a deranged murderer. When will Democrats condemn HIS dangerous rhetoric?”

From CNN:

Investigators believe that Crimo had planned the attack for “weeks” and accessed a rooftop on the parade route via a fire escape ladder.

According to Covelli, Crimo also dressed in women’s clothes during the attack in an effort to conceal his identity, including notable face tattoos. Following the shooting, he said, Crimo dropped his weapon and attempted to blend in with the crowd as it fled. He then made his way to his mother’s house and took her vehicle. (There is no indication, police said, that Crimo communicated with his mother.)

Crimo’s car was subsequently identified, Covelli said, by “an alert member of the community” who saw it and called police, leading to a traffic stop that ended with the suspect’s arrest.

Covelli also told reporters that investigators do not believe the attack was racially or religiously motivated.

“The shooting appears to be completely random,” he said.

On Monday, Rotering said she had known Crimo since “he was just a little boy, a quiet little boy,” as she had been his pack leader during his time a Cub Scout.

More recently, Crimo, who fashioned himself as “Awake the Rapper,” posted a series of online music videos he apparently made that featured ominous sounding lyrics and animated scenes of gun violence.