(CBrief) – Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has issued a challenge to her longtime nemesis, Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It started during a CNN appearance where the New York Democrat said that Speaker Kevin McCarthy appointed people to committees that were worse than Democrat Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar who was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“These individuals that [Speaker] Kevin McCarthy has chosen to appoint to committee–” she said. “George Santos claimed that his grandparents were in the Holocaust. That was a lie. A disgusting lie. Marjorie Taylor Greene regularly trafficking in antisemitic conspiracy theories… these are individuals, Marjorie Taylor Greene included, inciting violence against specific members in the body.”

But Rep. Greene immediately hit back issuing another challenge to her colleague.

“I have repeatedly asked you to debate me, but you have been a coward and can’t even respond. But you go on @CNN and lie about me. When are you going to be an adult and actually debate me on policy instead of run your mouth like a teenage girl?” she said.


[email protected] can you explain to the American taxpayers why your communist state leaders decided to abuse $9 billion in Covid cash for “staff development” on privilege and equity warriors? Asking on behalf of Americans strapped for cash and chained in $31 trillion in Gov debt,” she said.


“Can you explain why $100 million dollars in Covid relief went to whatever the hell is “tree equity” is? I’m from Georgia @RepAOC. None of our trees are crying and throwing funded protest about tree inequality. But a lot of our businesses got shut down because of a bioweapon,” the representative said.

“Hey there! In case you forgot, we sit on the same committee, which debated for the first time this week. I don’t blame you if you forgot. You spent almost no time there. In the few minutes you did show up, you claimed one elementary school got *$5 billion dollars* to teach CRT,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez responded.

“Yeah it’s busy in the majority remember that? So can you explain why you sickos in NY abused Covid relief funds for things like Drag Queen story time? Was it a good time to brainwash kids and lie to them about gender when your state forced them to stay home from school?” Rep. Green said.

The Georgia representative then sniped at her colleague for her insistence that Omar was removed because Republicans are “targeting women of color.”

“We also removed Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, so actually it was equitable. But who knows, maybe they identify as ‘women of color.’ I mean after all, Democrats no longer support feminism. They support men beating and replacing women. The glass ceiling is real,” she said.


In the same interview Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said she was the victim of “stochastic terrorism.”

“So, talking of speaker McCarthy, during the vote on the House floor to make him speaker, there was this video of you speaking to Congressman Paul Gosar, who we spoke about moments ago, posted the anime video showing the version of him attacking you, and you’re seen there talking. There was sort of almost a smile somewhere in there, at least talking in an animated way. Should we take this to mean that you have — you’re okay with what he did or he apologized to you?” the anchor said.

“No, no. There was never an apology. But I think what a lot of people sometimes fail to understand is that when a workplace has been made unsafe for a person, it is then up to that individual to try to survive on their own. This is not an institution that protects, this is not a party that protects people that they disagree with. But that being said, what it comes to with those remarks with Representative Gosar, one of the things I told him is, ‘I can’t stand what you did, and I can’t stand what you stand for, but I don’t think that you should support Kevin McCarthy for speaker either.’ And, you know, that’s one thing on one day that I think both of us were in alignment on,” the representative said.

“Did you feel safe sitting there with him?” the anchor said.

“I think it’s uncomfortable serving with people who engage in what many experts deem stochastic terrorism, which is the incitement of violence in a — which is an incitement of violence using digital means and large platforms so that individual themselves may not be the one that’s wielding a weapon. But I have had to ride, as has Representative Omar, I’ve consistently had to ride in 20,000-pound armored vehicles, you know, engaging in some of the most gruesome threats that you can imagine that were incited by Republican members. This is not just about a tweet. It is about what life looks like and the marshaling of hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people into doing something. And Donald Trump knows that very well, and he uses and used his rallies very strategically in order to engage in political intimidation of what he deemed his political enemies,” she said.