With Black History Month over, woke corporations have quickly changed all their marketing to appease Women’s History Month.

The way some are doing it, however, is already meeting major blowback. With woke corps using March to promote – you guessed it – transgenderism.

Hershey’s, for example, has put the face of a transwoman atop its latest line of chocolate bars. And the internet is not taking that slap in the face lightly.

So instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to promote real women who deserve real recognition, Hershey’s is letting a man take over.

Apparently the woke candy company’s game plan is to “shine a light on the women and girls who inspire us every day.” But customers aren’t subscribing to that marketing campaign.

Fae Johnstone, the new face of the “HERshe” line, is a self-proclaimed 2SLGBTQIA+ advocate (whatever that means), and is “honored to be featured” in this campaign for International Women’s Day.

“We still have a long way to go in the fight to end misogyny, patriarchy and gender-based violence,” the LGBTQ activist shared in a follow-up.

“I hope this campaign helps give more young women and girls role models and possibility models. And shows them how we can change the world, together,” he added.

Right on cue, calls for boycotts have started from conservatives and feminists. Twitter users even got #BoycottHersheys trending on Thursday.