(The Post Millennial) – Antifa militants assaulted The Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt in Seattle at their annual May Day event.

Daviscourt was covering the crowds marching for May Day 2022, when Antifa militants ran up to her and pushed her.

Daviscourt was wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses. She posted on Twitter that an Antifa live-steamer recognized her and pointed her out to Antifa militants at the protest.

In the video posted to her Twitter account, Daviscourt can be heard asking the assaulter to stop, saying she’s trying to do her job.

“Your job sucks, quit it,” one masked assault responds, before adding “You better leave.”

Daviscourt reported that black bloc Antifa are dispersed throughout the crowd, carrying Antifa flags and various other weapons.

Daviscourt later posted that she was safe with Seattle Police officers.

Seattle’s May Day march for immigrants and workers’ rights has a reputation for attracting activists, often in black clothing, who are intent on destroying property and disrupting traffic and businesses following the peaceful demonstration, according to KOMO News.

A Starbucks shift supervisor told the outlet that her store on 5th and Pike closes early every year on May Day because of damage done at other stores in years past. Sarah Pappin said, “The company has just been really [cautious]about it. Like, they can’t control whether or not there’s property damage but they prefer their employees aren’t there while it’s happening.”

Saturday night and Sunday morning, in advance of the expected violence, stores began boarding up their windows.

After assaulting Daviscourt, Antifa militants assaulted a street preacher and began chanting, “Hey right wing you better run you better hide.”

In another video, the street preacher is seen desribing to Seattle Police officers about how people dressed in “black bloc” maced him in the face. Black bloc is the style of clothing that Antifa typically wears while protesting and rioting.

Many in the crowd were also wearing clothing promoting communism.

Former mayoral and city council candidate Nikkita Oliver was also spotted in the group. Oliver has been a fixture at similar events and even spoke to the crowd inside Seattle’s deadly Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. (CHAZ)

In her attempt to pacify groups like Oliver’s King County Equity Now (KCEN) during the 2020 riots and the CHAZ, former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan made promises of funding programs and public buildings that would be turned over “to the community.”

KCEN advocates for “Pay the Fee,” where Seattle businesses, typically in the Central District, are supposed to pay the group a fee for the privilege of doing business there.

Recently, allegations of financial impropriety with the funds have been leveled against the group’s leadership.