(The Post Millennial) – A Drug Enforcement Agency official that was fired from his post over his participation in the events at Capitol Hill on January 6 is alleging that an FBI informant urged him to break into the building with the rest of the mob.

Mark Ibrahim is facing up to 15 years in prison for his participation in the events that day, and told Carlson that he was invited to attend Donald Trump’s Stop the Steal rally by an FBI informant he reportedly knew while in the military, according to the Daily Mail.

That informant then reportedly urged Ibrahim to join in with the mob who was breaking into the Capitol building, but Ibrahim refused.

The revelation came during Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s docuseries, Patriot Purge, which looks into the events on January 6, and who may have been behind them.

Carlson claimed to have confirmed Ibrahim’s accounts by speaking to the alleged unnamed FBI informant, according to the Daily Mail.

Federal prosecutors are accusing Ibrahim of bringing his issued duty weapon and badge to the Capitol grounds that day and “brazenly displaying them,” and of illegally climbing a monument on the grounds to deliver a “monologue,” according to charging documents viewed by the Daily Mail.

Photos show Ibrahim clearly displaying his badge and weapon on the Capitol grounds, but he reportedly told investigators that both his badge and weapon were “never exposed” during the riot “that I know of.”

“They labeled me a domestic terrorist, I just want to see peace and unity,” Ibrahim told Carlson.

“Because I’ve seen it in foreign countries, between Sunni and Shia, open violence in the streets. It’s a sad and scary thing,” he continued, referring to opposing Muslim factions.

“I’m afraid that if this division and dehumanizing continues, that’s where America is headed, and I pray that never happens,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim has been charged with making false statements to federal agents, entering restricted grounds with a firearm, injuring or climbing on a statue, and carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds, according to the Daily Mail.