(The Post Millennial) – Biden’s Department of Justice has withdrawn its plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 in compensation after having had their families separated at the border during the Trump administration.

Fox News’ Petere Doocy asked Deputy Press Sec. why the Biden administration is suspending that plan. “I would refer you to the DOJ,” Jean-Pierre said.

Following President Biden’s repeated denial that his government would give illegal immigrants separated under Trump up to $450,000, the DOJ has said once and for all that such a payout will never happen.

On Thursday, the DOJ sent out a message to the lawyers of those separated at the border that negotiations over a possible payout were off the table. The American Civil Liberties Union broke the story, taking to Twitter to voice its displeasure.

“Candidate Biden promised to help these children and families,” they wrote, “But today, President Biden is shamefully playing politics with their lives and futures. We will never forget who takes action to help these families and who turns their backs on them.”

In October, rumors that the Biden administration would pay migrants hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation began floating around, leading to backlash from Republicans.

In November, President Biden called those rumors “garbage,” claiming that no such plan was in the works.