(The Post Millennial) – An advocacy group for small businesses revealed their intentions to sue the federal government this week over the latest COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

On Thursday, the Job Creators Network announced their plan to sue the Biden administration over the “unconstitutional” corporate vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees that the group argues is “a dramatic overreach of federal authority.” The CEO of the group, Alfredo Ortiz, said:

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate on small businesses is unconstitutional and a dramatic overreach of federal authority. To hold the Biden Administration accountable and stand up for small businesses, Job Creators Network plans to file a lawsuit to block the implementation of this order. We are filing this lawsuit with JCN small business members and it will be supported by Job Creators Network Foundation’s newly created Legal Action Fund.”

Ortiz went on to say that small businesses were already facing obstacles as it is, even before President Joe Biden came out with this new demand.

Elaine Parker, the organization’s president, marked the starting of the legal action fund as a “valuable ally” for small businesses in the fight ahead.

Although many had previously remarked about the economic circumstances, it took until September 2021 for the Biden administration to acknowledge the reality of their economic inflation crisis. “I know many Americans are still struggling to make it through each day. For too many, it’s harder and harder to pay the bills, food, gas, rent, healthcare,” said Biden on Thursday.

Also this week, two dozen Republican attorneys general threatened to sue the Biden administration over the extensive COVID-19 vaccine mandate proposal. A recent survey showed that half of Americans polled disapprove of this newest measure from the Biden White House.