(The Post Millennial) – On Tuesday, it was revealed that President Biden allegedly gave orders back in August during the Afghanistan evacuation efforts to fill planes with Afghan refugees, giving little vetting to those boarding planes.

In an email from Gregory Floyd on August 18 with the subject line “Presidential Directive,” Floyd wrote: “Team, President Biden phones Ambassador Wilson with the following directive about who to clear to board evacuation flights.”

Floyd wrote that “anyone with a valid form of ID should be given permission to go on a plane if that person plausibly falls into the categories we will evacuate: US citizens and LPRs plus their immediate families, LES plus their immediate families, those entitles to an SIV, and Afghans at risk.”

In addition, “Families including women and children should be allowed through and held to fill out planes.”

“Total inflow to the US must exceed the number of seats available. Err on the side of excess,” Floyd noted.

“This guidance provides clear discretion to fill seats and to provide special consideration for women and children when we have seats,” the email continued. “I expect that c17 flight volume will increase.”

Senator Josh Hawley obtained the email, saying it was sent to him by an American official who was present in Afghanistan during evacuation efforts.

“This email was shared w/ me by an American official present in Afghanistan during the evacuation who was shocked by Administration’s failure to vet Afghans before they were evacuated. Email details orders from Joe Biden to fill up the planes – even without vetting,” wrote Hawley.

“Consular officials instructed to ‘err on the side of excess’ and put people on planes,” he continued.

Stephen Miller, a former advisor to former President Donald Trump, called the email a “a smoking gun that shows Biden himself gave the illegal orders to bypass statutory screening rules, violate immigration law & indiscriminately fly unvetted Afghan nationals to US (while stranding citizens & lying to public about evac).”

“Impeachable misconduct,” Miller noted.
At the beginning of September, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the State Department is doing “accountings on the back end” of Afghan evacuees in the United States.

Blinken stated that the Biden administration was focused on getting people out of Afghanistan during the evacuation, and added that vetting efforts became the main focus once passengers were out of the country.

“In our effort to get as many people out as fast as we can while we had the airport functioning, we focused on doing just that,” Blinken said, noting that State Department officials are “doing accountings on the back end as people arrive in the United States.”