(TStarnes) – A former transgender influencer is calling out Dylan Mulvaney, who has profited off publicly transitioning to a “woman” on TikTok, for “multiple lies.”

Oli London, who has detransitioned from a transgender lifestyle, tweeted about Mulvaney’s claims, calling it all an act.

“Dylan Mulvaney is NOT a real ‘Trans’ Person,” London wrote. “He is MOCKING the entire TRANS Community yet they continue to worship him like a false idol! It’s an ACT!”

London, who tells his story in the book “Gender Madness,” detailed Mulvaney’s lies in a Twitter thread.

“Dylan Claims to have only come out as ‘trans publically’ a year ago,” he said. “Yet in 2021, a since deleted video by Dylan was captioned ‘I am a Trans non-binary actor and have had trouble finding roles.’- meaning he was already publicly ‘trans’ a year before he claims to have gone public.”

London added, “Dylan also claims to have been on hormones before he came out as ‘trans publicly’ yet in a video posted on February 11th 2022 he said it was his first day taking hormones.”

He points out that Mulvaney tweeted his “game plan back in 2021,” when he said, “I am a trans non-binary actor and have had trouble finding roles. So my friend wrote me a femme character in a commercial.”

London concluded, “Do you see it now? He was an actor, with no work and desperate for fame and fortune so he became ‘femme’ to get FAMOUS! It is an ACT!”