(Big League Politics) – On June 17, 2021, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that racism is a public health crisis.

She made the announcement at the MLK Exhibit Center. Lightfoot is urging Chicago residents to work together to tackle racial inequities that are the supposed result of “systemic racism.”

“We can no longer allow racism to rob the residents of the opportunity to live and lead full, healthy and happy lives and we are working closely with the Chicago Department of Public Health and community organizations to address these inequities once and for all,” Mayor Lightfoot declared.

According to ABC 7, Lightfoot called for a number policies to address racism such as:

-Building capacity for anti-racist leadership,

-Reckoning with the impacts of racism,

-Advancing strategies to operationalize racial equity,

-Empowering transformative community relationships.

Lightfoot’s focus on racism is another sign of how out of touch with reality she is with regards to Chicago’s social maladies. It’s clear that Chicago’s weak policing standards, PC approach to crime that shuts down gang databases, and gun control policies that disarm lawful residents are playing a big role in the city’s current crime problem. For example, there were 769 murders in Chicago in 2020, which represented a significant increase from the 495 murders recorded in 2019.

A more proactive alternative for crime-ridden cities like Chicago to tackle the current problems is to encourage more lawful gun ownership through the relaxation of draconian gun control laws, an emphasis on youth gun safety that keeps guns out of the hands of young gang members, and tougher policing standards. However, as long as Democrats are in control, one cannot expect any of these reforms to ever take place. Conservative activists will have to run on strong law and order policies that connect with voters in order to retake territory they have previously lost.