Senate Republicans are addressing the increasing apprehensions regarding Google’s left-leaning bias by advocating for the dismantling of the Big Tech behemoth.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) has made an extraordinary plea to break up Google’s monopoly.

Vance vehemently criticized Google, labeling it as a “progressive technology company.”

The senator cautions that the company wields an excessive and monopolistic influence over information.

Furthermore, he cited one of the Democrats’ frequently used arguments, asserting that Google poses a genuine “threat to democracy.”

Vance took to social media:

“Long overdue, but it’s time to break Google up.

“This matters far more than any other election integrity issue.

“The monopolistic control of information in our society resides with an explicitly progressive technology company.”

Vance followed up by saying:

“In October and November, as millions of undecided voters consider their choice for president, they will go to Google and ask ‘Did Donald Trump say X?’ ‘Is Biden too old to be president?’

“The results they see will be explicitly biased towards Democrats.

“A threat to democracy.”