(The Post Millennial) – The Dallas Mavericks revealed that most attendees to their home games will not have to submit a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. Attendees must still have to mask up per a countywide order.

Back on Saturday, the team website made the announcement, and it’ll go into effect on November 15th. The revision entails that the general population of fans in attendance for games at the American Airlines Center will not need to complete a fan health survey to enter, nor provide vaccine status or a negative test result to enter the area.

It’s specified, however, that for fans seated within 15 feet of the court, they’ll need to provide proof of a negative COVID test or vaccine proof onto mavscheckin.com. The Dallas Mavericks website provides a list of seats that fit within the 15 feet parameter.

This is said to be the protocol outlined by the NBA, overall.

“Masks will still be required for fans ages 2 and older when not actively eating or drinking, regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with the current Dallas County mask mandate. When fans accept digital tickets, they are agreeing to comply with the mask order,” the site says.

Team owner Mark Cuban said that COVID restrictions and rules will continue to loosen if the average case count for Dallas stays below 500. In the story first scooped by The Dallas Morning News he made it clear that if it goes above 500 once more, that restrictions will come back.

On Twitter, he stood by pushback from peers.

He generally believes vaccine mandates are the way to go. “But when cases fall low enough and we have put in special sections for cancer survivors and immunocompromised fans, we feel we are protecting our fans. If cases rise (they are down more than 70 pct since instituting the program) we will put it back in place.”

Earlier this year Cuban decided to no longer play the national anthem before the Dallas Mavericks team’s home games. Since that time he has also been the voice of how their health guidelines are carried out.

While guidelines vary, at the end of October the NAACP openly requested all free agent professional athletes to boycott the state. This being motivated in part with how Governor Greg Abbott has been outspoken against entities enacting COVID vaccine restrictions within the state.