(JTNews) – National Democrats are taking out ads in favor of a Trump-backed House candidate an upcoming Michigan GOP congressional primary.

The move is similar to what they allegedly did in the recent Maryland GOP gubernatorial primary, in which a Trump-back candidate defeated a more moderate candidate, giving what Democrats consider a better chance to win in the general election.

In Michigan, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is backing John Gibbs over incumbent GOP Rep. Peter Meijer in race in the state’s 3rd Congressional District.

The committee’s ad touts Gibb’s work in former President Trump’s administration and his support for similar education and immigration.

The ad claims that Gibbs “has promised to push that same conservative agenda in Congress.”

Despite being framed as an attack, the ad highlights the same issues that Trump-endorsed candidates would want at the forefront of their campaign.

The district was previously a safe seat for Republicans, but will be a tight race in November following redistricting.

Meijer is just one of 11 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump following the capitol riot on Jan. 6.

“The DCCC boosting John Gibbs is clear evidence of who Nancy Pelosi prefers in this race,” a Meijer spokesperson said. in a statement. “We are confident that voters will see through Democrats’ political games.”

Democrat groups have spent at least $44 million to aid “far-right” candidates as of July, according to campaign finance non-profit Open Secrets.