The global reverberations of former President Donald Trump’s “world-famous mugshot” have ignited an outpouring of support that goes beyond the conventional Republican Party supporters, resulting in a fundraising windfall that has reached multimillion-dollar figures.

Karoline Leavitt, spokesperson for MAGA Inc. PAC, conveyed to Breitbart News that the mugshot, captured and disseminated by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department after Trump’s arrest on “racketeering” charges connected to the 2020 election, has “galvanized the American populace across diverse political orientations.”

Leavitt shared her perspective during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matthew Boyle, emphasizing how the defiance evident in Trump’s eyes and expression in the mugshot has fostered a broad-based rally among Americans.

A notable shift is emerging with increased disapproval for Joe Biden and enhanced backing for President Trump. A recent poll, made public yesterday, underscores Trump’s dominance over Joe Biden in a hypothetical general election,” Leavitt pointed out.

Numerous polls echo this trend, suggesting that the Democrats might have overplayed their hand by embarking on multiple investigations and indictments targeting Donald Trump,” she continued.

Leavitt also highlighted the show of support Trump received as his motorcade traversed certain disadvantaged neighborhoods in Atlanta on his way to being apprehended.

“As his motorcade drove through urban Atlanta, you could see African Americans lining the streets shouting, ‘Free Trump.’ People are recognizing that this is political persecution,” Leavitt underscored. “This constitutes an unjust exploitation of our justice system against someone who has enhanced the lives of individuals in Atlanta, New York City, West Virginia, and communities across the entire nation.”

She further emphasized that Trump is the sole individual willing to confront the deep state and demand accountability for these perceived injustices.

Leavitt concluded by remarking, “Donald Trump is the only one who can resolve the challenges confronting the American populace. He’s also the sole advocate for wielding a sledgehammer against the deep state and demanding justice and accountability to rectify these wrongs.”

Meanwhile, the mugshot appears to have backfired significantly against the Democrats, while simultaneously serving as a boon for Trump’s campaign.

Within 24 hours of the mugshot’s release on late Thursday, Trump’s campaign amassed over $7.1 million, as reported by Breitbart News.

Trump’s campaign webpage conveyed, “If you’re suffering due to the sinister forces controlling our nation right now, please don’t consider contributing. However, if you’re able, kindly make a donation to oust Crooked Joe Biden from the White House and RESCUE AMERICA during this challenging phase of our country’s history.”

Additionally, the campaign began selling Trump merchandise emblazoned with the phrase “NEVER SURRENDER!”—the same words he posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter) along with his mugshot hours after its release.

Steven Cheung, a former Trump White House official, tweeted, “BREAKING: Nearly $20m raised in the last 3 weeks, coinciding with the indictment in DC and the Atlanta mugshot. $7.1m since Thursday (Atlanta mugshot). $4.18m yesterday (Friday) alone, the highest grossing day of the entire campaign. Organic contributions have surged, particularly after @realDonaldTrump shared the picture along with the website URL.”