(Fed Up) – Dr. “flip-flop” Fauci has been invited to speak at the U of M graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 7th.

Watch Dr. “flip-flop” Fauci get wrecked by Jesse Waters and friends on Fox News’ “The Five” over his repeated opposing messages and unscientific suggestions on mandates:

The same doctor who funded the CCP virus is now being asked to speak at a university that was locked down for almost two years over a virus Bill Gates is now calling a “disease mainly in the elderly, kind of like flu is…”

Our children were FORCED to be vaccinated to get an education at U of M because DR. FAUCI fought for tyrannical lockdowns, forced masking, and WORST OF ALL…FORCED EXPERIMENTAL VACCINATIONS!

MI residents need to come out in force to say NEVER AGAIN!!!! They also need to send a strong message to Dr. Evil that he is NOT WELCOME to indoctrinate our children with his misinformation and unscientific propaganda in MI.

The event is sponsored by Lena Epstein, one of the GOP endorsed candidates for U of M Regent.

Rally Invite Details:
Date: Saturday, May 7th, 2022.

Start Time: 10:45 am ET.

Location: Outside the University of Michigan Football Stadium.
*exact location to be distributed prior to the event.

Signage: We request attendees bring their own signs, respectfully expressing concern with Dr. Fauci’s policies and propaganda.