(TPM) – Students at a Maryland elementary school were invited to be filmed holding pride flag posters while saying, “Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Pride.”

To celebrate pride, students at Cedar Grove Elementary in Montgomery County, Maryland were invited to participate in a video compilation wherein they would hold a poster of a pride flag and repeat a series of words.

The event was organized by the school’s Parent Teachers Association, and students were required to obtain parental permission to take part.

The PTA announced the event via a Facebook post that has since been made private.

“Cedar Grove Elementary will be celebrating love, respect, and tolerance with a video compilation of our students holding a large poster of the flag … in groups of six,” the post read, “and saying the words: ‘Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality and Pride.'”

The poster in question is a waving pride flag with the one of the aforementioned words on each row.

The Daily Caller reached out to Montgomery County Public School’s director of communications Christopher Cram.

“A staff member proposed the event which was then discussed by the principal and school leadership team for feedback and input,” he said. “The team agreed that this was a positive initiative aligned to the school values.”

“Students need parent permission … to participate in the recording, it is not mandatory,” he added. “It is optional and parents can opt-out by not submitting the form for approval.”

In 2021, a teacher in California went one step further by asking students to actually recite the American Pledge of Allegiance to a pride flag after she removed the stars and stripes from her classroom.