(CBrief) – Elon Musk has been very busy following his acquisition of social media giant Twitter.

The New York Times published a hit piece over the weekend attacking Musk for firing several high-level Twitter executives “for cause” to avoid paying them “part of their year-end compensation.” NYT tech editor Mike Isaac claimed that Musk was trying to avoid paying severances to several of the senior officials he let go last week.

“Mr. Musk also appears unlikely to pay the golden parachutes that the fired top executives of Twitter were set to receive. Under the merger agreement, those executives — including Parag Agrawal, the chief executive — had been set to receive compensation of $20 million to $60 million if they were fired,” the report complains. “But Mr. Musk terminated the executives ‘for cause,’ meaning he did it because he alleged he had justification, which may void that agreement, two people with knowledge of the matter said.”

“Elon Musk planned to begin laying off workers at Twitter as soon as Saturday, four people with knowledge of the matter said, with some managers being asked to draw up lists of employees to cut,” the Times reported.

Issac continued to levy accusations against Musk.

“Mr. Musk, who completed a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter on Thursday, has ordered the cuts across the company, with some teams to be trimmed more than others, said three of the people, who declined to be identified for fear of retaliation,” the Times reported. “The scale of the layoffs could not be determined. Twitter has around 7,500 employees.”

“The layoffs at Twitter would take place before a Nov. 1 date when employees were scheduled to receive stock grants as part of their compensation. Such grants typically represent a significant portion of employees’ pay. By laying off workers before that date, Mr. Musk may avoid paying the grants, though he is supposed to pay the employees cash in place of their stock under the terms of the merger agreement.”

Urmansky added a tweet: “What a guy. @elonmusk is making sure to fire people at Twitter before part of their year-end compensation *kicks in on Tuesday.*”