(CBrief) – Twitter CEO Elon Musk has taken direct aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci in his recent tweets and it has stunned many.

In the tweets, in which he appeared to mock people listing their pronouns on Twitter, he said that his pronouns are “prosecute Fauci.”

That came after a meme he shared that depicted Fauci informing President Joe Biden “Just one more lockdown my king.”

He then warned that things were going to “get spicy:” before sharing his pronouns.


Last month, Fauci has responded to the threats from the incoming Republican Congress that he may be called to testify during an investigation.

“There have been all these House Republican calls for investigations into to the origins of Covid and saying they’re gonna bring you up to Capitol Hill. Do you think that wanes as you step down?” ABC ‘Face The Nation’ host Margaret Brennan said on Sunday.

“Well, I don’t think it’s gonna wane for me. The Republican House has said that they’re gonna — and that’s fine with me,” the doctor said.

“You’ll appear?” the host said.

“Oh, of course. I mean, I’m very much in favor of legitimate oversight. Absolutely. I mean, I’ve testified before Congress, given the 38 years that I’ve been director, literally hundreds of times in many oversight hearings,” he said.

“They’ve clearly politicized it — I’m not political at all, period,” he said. “I’ve never been. And anybody who knows anything about me knows that that’s the case. But it is very clear when people are running their campaigns with an anti-Fauci element to it. I mean, that’s ridiculous. I mean, this is a public health issue.”

“I’d be more than happy to explain publicly or otherwise everything that we’ve done, and I could defend and explain everything that we’ve done from a public health standpoint present by,” he said.