(SNews) – Elon Musk has warned Twitter’s remaining “woke” employees that he will sue any staff members who leak confidential information to the corporate media.

The move comes as secret leftists still appear to be working at the company and are leaking info to the liberal press in violation of their non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Musk responded by sending a legal threat to all employees this week.

Angry “woke” staff members have already leaked the email to Platformer editor Zoe Schiffer.

The email states:

“As evidenced by the many detailed leaks of confidential Twitter information, a few people at our company continue to act in a manner contrary to the company’s interests and in violation of their NDA.

“This will be said only once: If you clearly and deliberately violate the NDA that you signed when you joined, you accept liability to the full extent of the law & Twitter will immediately seek damages.”

“Breaking your word by sending detailed info to the media” with the intent to harm Twitter “will receive the response it deserves,” Musk warns.

The news comes as Musk continues to publish installments of the “Twitter Files.”

The internal discussions in the files expose Twitter’s collusion with Democrats and “the Biden team” to censor Americans and control the narrative regarding elections and the pandemic.