(The Post Millennial) – Testimony from Carolyn in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial reveals a routine of sexual abuse from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein for her teenaged years – and that she bought drugs with the hundreds of dollars Epstein’s people paid her for “services.”

The 59-year-old faces charges of sex trafficking and the proceedings are playing out in a New York federal court. The state prosecutors argue that Maxwell “knew exactly what she was doing” throughout this period of her life.

Since there’s no live video feed in the courtroom, much of what the public is learning comes from reporters giving a play-by-play on social media. One such person is Adam Klasfeld from the Law & Crime website.

Earlier in the day there were testimonies from FBI witnesses about materials recovered from the 2019 raid on Epstein’s New York property and documents from his Florida house’s former manager.

The main feature of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial on Tuesday of its second week was the debut of the third accuser, Carolyn.

She met the second-in-command of the Jeffrey Epstein empire through a relationship – Carolyn told “Shawn” she was 17 but he found out she was 14 later – and that’s when Virginia Giuffre entered the picture.

“Virginia asked me if I wanted to come make money,” Carolyn testified. Giuffre introduced her to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Carolyn came from a broken home and was molested by family members at a young age. She testified that Maxwell took advantage of that to touch her body as a teenager. “I was fully nude and she came in and she felt my boobs and my hips and my buttocks and said that…I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.”

When invited to one of Epstein’s private islands, she told Ghislaine that she was 14.

“I told her that I was too young and there was no way in hell my mom was going to let me leave the country,” the third Maxwell accuser is quoted saying.

14-year-old Carolyn worked as a massage girl for Jeffrey Epstein for the next four years of her life. As Reuters describes it, she was subjected to routine groping by Epstein until he “finished” himself. The routine included Carolyn being naked.

Carolyn testified to going to the financier’s house over a hundred times, two to three times a week. Epstein paid her $300 for the effort and the money is what compelled Carolyn to stay despite the explicit things she was exposed to in the household.

Slate goes into detail about how regular it became for Maxwell to pay Carolyn in exchange for her sessions with Epstein. But it eventually led Carolyn into a life of drugs. By the time Carolyn got “too old” to work for Epstein she became a sex worker.

On cross-examination the potential that Epstein himself attempted to have sex with Carolyn was brought up. The Guardian elaborates about how the accuser’s body was taken advantage of by Epstein, and how one of Epstein’s acquaintances photographed her.

The Daily Beast names this person as Sarah Kellen, who also booked Carolyn’s “appointments” to Epstein’s estate since she couldn’t drive.

Other moments from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial proceedings so far have revealed allegations that the defendant was sexually involved with both Epstein and underaged victims. In the trial’s first few days at the end of November, testimony from Epstein’s former pilot served to gratify people looking for high-profile celebrities to be named in the proceedings.