Representative Katie Porter from California is alleging that the election for an available Senate position was manipulated.

In a post on X, Porter reacted to the news of her defeat in the primary, writing, “Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and voted to shake up the status quo in Washington. Because of you, we had the establishment running scared — withstanding 3 to 1 in TV spending and an onslaught of billionaires spending millions to rig this election.”

“It’s clear Californians are hungry for leaders who break the mold, can’t be bought, and push for accountability in government and across our economy. And that’s exactly what we as Americans deserve,” she continued. “Special interests like politics as it is today because they control the politicians. As we’ve seen in this campaign, they spend millions to defeat someone who will dilute their influence and disrupt the status quo. But take my word for it: I’ll never stop fighting for you.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Republican Steve Garvey defeated Porter to move forward to the general election in a competition to fill the vacancy left by the late-Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D). Porter faced a wave of criticism and ridicule due to his use of the term “rig”.