Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis, who is a Democrat known for her anti-Trump stance, is potentially facing a subpoena from a Georgia Senate inquiry, as per investigators’ suggestions. Willis is currently in charge of prosecuting a case related to alleged interference in the 2020 election by President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Nevertheless, she might soon be compelled to testify as part of a state-level probe. State Senator Bill Cowsert, a Republican overseeing the special committee conducting the investigation on the DA, implied that Willis could be summoned to appear before the Georgia Senate. Cowsert mentioned to local NBC affiliate WXIA-TV that issuing a subpoena might become necessary if Willis declines an invitation to testify before the panel.

“She’s a key part of the investigation and her viewpoints are valued by us,” Cowsert said.

“We need to hear what she has to say and her explanation and what she thinks the appropriate rules ought to be going forward so that we don’t have this kind of scandal giving Georgia a black eye in the future.”

The special committee led by the GOP is currently investigating the utilization of state funds related to the controversy surrounding Willis’s romantic involvement with the special prosecutor she appointed for the 2020 election case. Once the investigation is completed, the committee is anticipated to present a report containing recommendations.

In March, a judge permitted Willis to proceed with the case under the condition that her partner and co-prosecutor, Nathan Wade, be removed from the case. The judge also presented an alternative option: for Willis to resign. Following a request for a review by the defense, Willis asked an appeals court to uphold the decision. Prior to the third meeting of the Senate special panel on Friday, where testimony was heard from Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts and others, Willis criticized the GOP-led investigation during a community event.

“Isn’t it interesting when we’ve got a bunch of African American DAs, now we need daddy to tell us what to do,” she said.

Willis, an individual of African descent, is currently at risk of being charged with contempt of Congress due to a subpoena requesting documents. This situation arose following the release of audio by the Washington Free Beacon, in which an employee informed Willis about the possible misappropriation of federal funds prior to the employee’s termination.