(Breitbart) – The woman seen on a viral video slapping a man on a Delta flight, over a mask, has been identified as former NFL cheerleader, Playboy model, and Baywatch actress, Patricia Cornwall, according to reports.

The slapping incident occurred last Thursday during a flight from Tampa, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia.

It isn’t clear from the video what started the argument between Cornwall and the older man sitting in an aisle seat, but at one point, Cornwall is seen slapping the man and then drawing back her arm and making a fist as if to punch him before being restrained by others.

During the argument, Cornwall repeatedly yells at the man to “put his fucking mask on!”

“You’ve got your mask down, bitch,” the man is heard saying before saying “sit down, Karen.”

Now, according to a federal criminal complaint filed in Georgia, the genesis of the argument is detailed, the New York Post reports.

According to the complaint, the one-time Married with Children actress was annoyed after being blocked in the aisle by a flight attendant’s service cart. At one point, she was told she can sit in an empty seat until the cart passes and she can get to her own seat. But she angrily replied, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”

The affidavit claims the older man then got sparked by Cornwall’s attitude and told her she “isn’t black” and added “this isn’t Alabama, and this isn’t a bus.”

From there, the man and Cornwall began exchanging angry insults resulting in the assault as seen in the video.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and remanded to the custody of the FBI. She posted $20,000 bond after her arraignment. Also, a judge ruled that she may only board another flight if she is flying straight home to Los Angeles.

After having appeared in several TV shows in the 1980s and early 90s under the name Patty Breton, Cornwall joined the Los Angeles Raiders Raiderettes cheer team. Later, she worked as a realtor. According to records, her realtor license expired in 2017.

Cornwall has made no public statements about the arrest.

Public records also reveal that Cornwall was arrested for driving under the influence on Walton County, Florida last year. She also has several arrests for domestic abuse, one in Florida and another in Los Angeles. Both arrests were from last year.