Emergency crews swarmed the residence of Donald Trump Jr. after he opened an envelope containing a death threat and an unknown white substance. On Monday evening, multiple fire trucks and a hazmat team were observed outside Trump Jr.’s home in Jupiter, Florida.

Equipped with specialist gear, the hazmat team conducted a thorough search of the property. The incident occurred when Trump Jr. received a letter with an unidentified white powder, which flew out when he opened the envelope. The Jupiter Police Department has not yet released an official statement regarding the situation.

A spokesperson for President Trump’s son stated that the nature of the substance remains uncertain. However, they assured that Trump Jr.’s safety is not compromised. “The test results of the substance came up inconclusive on what it was exactly, but officials on the scene do not believe it is deadly,” a spokesperson for Trump Jr. said.

The letter enclosed within the envelope also included menacing statements targeting the Trump family members. Don Trump Jr., a fervent and unwavering advocate of his father, has frequently accompanied him on the campaign trail throughout the year.

“It’s just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens,” Don Trump Jr. told the Daily Caller.

“Clearly, if this happened to a prominent Democrat it wouldn’t be tolerated and would drive news coverage for weeks.

“The media would blame all Republicans and force them to answer for it.

“But, since it’s me, radical haters on the Left will largely get a free pass and the media will barely flinch.

“It doesn’t matter what your politics are, this type of crap is unacceptable,” Trump Jr. continued.

“This is actually the second white powder substance envelope that’s been mailed to me.

“The last time we had this happen, it was during my father’s presidency and my then-wife opened it up with my kids by her side.

“So, it’s just sad that we live in a society where politics and the Left’s hatred of my father would drive people to do such crazy things, but that’s where we are unfortunately.”