(The Post Millennial) – Hunter Biden’s art show at the storied Georges Berges art gallery in Manhattan’s SoHo district drew very low crowds this week, with few visitors showing up and even fewer willing to give their names to the press.

A handful of artists and industry professionals appeared at the Georges Berges Gallery for private viewings to see the work by President Joe Biden’s controversial son. A security guard stood outside the West Broadway venue, allowing only attendees with invitations to enter the exclusive exhibit.

Several visitors refused to give their names, and some even offered fake monikers, when questioned by the New York Post.

“It’s unfortunate that a father or mother can’t see his work, but it’s the times we live in and it’ll become a distraction,” Georges Berges, the owner of the SoHo gallery, told Artnet News, referring to the absence of Hunter Biden’s parents..

According to the New York Post, “among the visitors on Wednesday was Gene Epstein, a former senior economist at the New York Stock Exchange who runs a monthly debate series called the SoHo Forum.”

Epstein, who told the New York Post he had also worked as the economics editor of Barron’s, was accompanied by his artist wife Hisako Kobayashi. She is one of 19 artists represented by Berges, according to the gallery’s web site.

Berges further said that he considers Hunter’s artwork to be high-quality, and that critics who have been ridiculing it are doing so due to “political irrationality.”

“One of the things that I never anticipated was the political irrationality that people can have,” Berges told Artnet News.

“There are the blind, predetermined judgments, not just of Hunter, but of myself. If people objectively look at his work, it’s great work. And majority of people they come in and they’re like, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect this!'” he said.

Bill Fine, president of Artnet, an online art resource and database, was another browser on Wednesday who viewed the show, called “The Journey Home — A Hunter Biden Solo Exhibition.” Berges told the magazine that the show, which features 25 works on metal, canvas and Japanese Yupo paper, will run until Nov. 15, when it heads to the other gallery in Berlin.

Earlier in the month, Hunter Biden has reportedly sold at least five prints of his original artwork priced at $75,000 per piece, a grand total of $375,000.

At the beginning of October, photos and videos surfaced showing Hunter Biden cozying up with celebrities and prominent LA artists as he hosted his first art show at Milk Studios in Hollywood. The event had roughly 200 people in attendance.

The White House has refused to discuss the possible lack of transparency regarding the Hunter Biden art shows, with Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki dodging questions from reporters in the briefing room on the hot topic.