(The Post Millennial) – For the first time during his Presidency, Joe Biden has fallen to under 45% in the Real Clear Politics average approval rating. Sitting at just 44.6% President Biden’s short tenure as President is now being perceived negatively by most Americans.

In addition to Real Clear Politics, Five Thirty Eight now also lists Biden’s approval rating at just 44.2%. This trend stems back to the Biden administration’s failed exit out of Afghanistan.

The new Quinnipiac poll shows Biden at an even lower approval rating of 40%.

Evident on most charts, the Afghanistan exit lead to what is now being perceived as an indefinite downward spiral for Biden’s approvals. Footage of Afghanis hanging off departing planes shocked the nation and the world. Other stories show Afghanis selling their children to survive in the now Taliban controlled regime.

One father was discovered at a now sprawling Kabul bazaar selling his four-year-old daughter to help feed his remaining family. “I would prefer to die than be reduced to selling my daughter,” Mir Nazir, 38, told Anthony Loyd of The Times.

“But my own death wouldn’t save anyone in my family. Who would feed my other children? This isn’t about choice. It’s about desperation,” he added. A pawnbroker was offering around £170, or $200 for the young girl, but Nazir said he was holding out to sell his daughter to a shop owner for around £420, or about $500.

Despite the Biden administration attempting to point fingers to Trump, Americans sharply turned on Biden as a result of the failed exit. In addition to failure in foreign policy, the ongoing border crisis has also seemingly hurt Biden, alongside inflation and other economic issues.