(JTNews) – President Joe Biden on Friday issued six pardons to individuals with alcohol or drug related convictions as well as one woman convicted of second-degree murder.

While five of the pardons went to individuals who had received convictions decades prior for drug or alcohol offenses, Biden further extended a pardon to Beverly Ann Ibn-Tamas, 80, who was convicted of second-degree murder when she was 33, according to The Hill.

Ibn-Tamas killed her husband when she was 33 and pregnant. She claimed her husband was physically abusive and had assaulted her moments before the murder.

“President Biden believes America is a nation of second chances, and that offering meaningful opportunities for redemption and rehabilitation empowers those who have been incarcerated to become productive, law-abiding members of society,” the White House stated of the pardons.

One recipient, Charlie Byrnes Jackson, 77, had pleaded guilty to an illegal whiskey transaction when he was 18 and received five years probation at the time. He completed his probation more than 50 years ago.