(The Post Millennial) – Thursday night saw an explosive joint performance headlined by Dave Chappelle with his long-time friend and fellow comedian Joe Rogan in New Orleans.

Also in the line-up were comedians Jeff Ross, Tom Segura, and Donnell Rawlings, all of whom have been frequent guests on Rogan’s wildly popular podcast.

Rogan’s set preceded that of Chappelle, and the podcaster brought Chappelle on for a brief moment and they interacted together before Chappelle did his own routine, to wild applause by fans in the packed venue, the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The event comes right on the heels of a similar show in Nashville, where the comedians were also very warmly received by an appreciative audicence.

Both Rogan and Chappelle have been viciously attacked in the mainstream media recently. Rogan interviewed CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and called out the left-wing network for lying about the usage of ivermectin.

Chappelle has released another Netflix special, ominously titled, “The Closer.” This special has also been the center of controversy, both within Netflix and in the general public. However, many other celebrities, like Bill Maher and Damon Wayans, have both come out strongly to publicly support Chappelle.

According to Fox News, among some of the more memorable one-liners from the event, Rogan said, “This is my advice: Don’t listen to my advice,” to the laughing crowd, citing his tendency to be “canceled” for what he says.

“Don’t go transgender on me!” Chappelle said as the crowd booed after he introduced one of his bodyguards as a former football player for the Dallas Cowboys, a famous rival of the home team the New Orleans Saints.