Kamala Harris recently acknowledged that Democrat President Joe Biden will need to “earn” his re-election in 2024. This uncommon admission from a member of the Biden administration is seen as a signal that the political outlook may not be as favorable as portrayed by the White House. Harris shared these insights during a recent phone interview with CNN, which occurred shortly after her visit to South Carolina to register Biden for the Democratic primary.

“We’re going to have to earn our reelect, there’s no doubt about it,” Harris reportedly said.

Harris doesn’t often make accurate statements, but she is correct about the challenges Biden faces in the upcoming 2024 election. The assertion that neither Biden nor Harris has made a compelling case for re-election is a sentiment shared by many. Surprisingly, even CNN acknowledges this, as reported by the outlet:

“Polling nationally and in battleground states alike suggests the president, who turns 81 on Monday, is weak with young voters, as well as with black and other voters of color.”

Biden appears to face less concern in the 2024 Democrat presidential primary, with Real Clear Politics showing him leading his rivals by an average of over 64 percentage points. However, finding polls favoring Biden, whether in hypothetical 2024 scenarios or current affairs, is challenging. In hypothetical 2024 polls, President Donald Trump is projected to lead Biden by an average of 1.6 percentage points, with Trump’s lead growing and exceeding five percentage points in some individual polls. Current approval ratings for Biden are not favorable, averaging at 40% and dropping into the 30s in several individual polls.

Over 66%, on average, express the belief that America is heading in the wrong direction under Biden’s leadership. Additionally, Biden receives a less than 50% approval rating on various significant issues. Adding to the challenges, Biden has opted to keep Harris as his running mate for 2024, despite her being one of the least popular vice presidents in recent history, with an average approval rating of only 36.5%. Some argue that the potential of a Harris presidency, should Biden be unable to complete his term, is already a deterrent for certain voters. Hence, as Harris accurately stated, both she and Biden will need to “earn” their re-election in 2024.