(Slay News) – Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dropped the hammer on Fox News’ hit show Jesse Watters Primetime calling Hillary Clinton a Megalomaniac. Discussing Clinton’s new show with daughter Chelsea on Apple TV, Jesse Watters said:

“Maybe I’m paranoid, I probably am paranoid. Is she setting herself up to wait in the wings in case Biden doesn’t run? I mean, she had the book out with her daughter. Now she’s got the show out with her daughter. Is this like a prelaunch relaunch?”

Kayleigh said: “I know it’s portrayed as the biggest conspiracy theory since the last conspiracy theory. However, I don’t think you’re wrong, Jesse.

“If there is anyone that we can say, megalomaniac maniac, addicted to power, thinks she should’ve been president, still essentially hasn’t conceded the election, and wants to be president again, it would be this woman.

“It would be Hillary Clinton. I’ve always said she’s the dark horse,” she said.

While Hillary did concede the election she infamously took it back three years later calling Trump ‘illegitimate.’

Hillary’s new show is called Gutsy. She posted some promo clips on social media. One shows Clinton, 74, talking with Reverend Whittney Ijanaten, a UCLA chaplain and wedding officiant, who performs LGBTQ marriages. Ijanaten says:

“You have a marriage that has been on public display since the beginning. You said the gutsiest thing you ever did was stay in your marriage.”

Clinton, who stood by Bill through multiple affairs, rumors of sexual assault, and his Jeffrey Epstein scandal, said staying with Bill was “the gutsiest decision I ever made.”

She added, “That doesn’t mean that’s right for everybody.”

“I was nervous,” Hillary told EW of the show.

“Being in front of the camera in this series was kind of a leap of faith for me. It was outside my comfort zone.

“But doing it with Chelsea was both a great way to come together around stuff we have talked about since she was a little girl.

“I wasn’t alone, she wasn’t alone. We were in it together.”

Ijanaten later told Entertainment Weekly: “It was really nice to be human with someone who has just been, like, supernatural.

“It wasn’t Rev. Whittney to Secretary Clinton, it was woman to woman — I want to know how was it that you were able to stay?

“I was very grateful for the connection, for what they saw in me and how our conversation, once it got together, could be some magic,” she said.