(The Post Millennial) – A mass casualty incident has been reported in Waukesha, Wisconsin after a red Ford Escape plowed into a holiday parade.

Twitter account WaukeshaAlerts stated: “Mass Casualty Incident @ W Main St & N Barstow St 12+ FD units responding. 12+ PD units responding. Reports of many people injured after a suspect drove through the parade. Possible shots fired.”

In a press conference with Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson, he stated that as of 6:35 pm local time, more than 20 individuals were injured in the incident. The police department has recovered a suspect vehicle, and a person of interest has been identified.

Thompson has assured that the scene is now safe.

Multiple Twitter users have indicated that shots were fired, though police have yet to confirm these reports. Police are urging people to avoid the downtown area at this time.

According to Heavy.com, people stated that there loved ones were barricaded in stores along the parade route after a vehicle plowed into a crowd of people, which gunshots being fired.

A livestream video from the city of Waukesha show a red car speed past those marching in a parade, with a cop running on foot shortly after.

The Waukesha Police Department stated on Facebook that a family reunification location has been set up at the Waukesha Command Post located on Barstow between Corrina & Bank St.

According to Sam Kraemer of Fox 6, one man told him that “most of his family are in the hospital.” He and his wife were able to walk away. Another man told Kraemer that at least 30 people are laying at the intersection of Main & Barstow. That intersection is only about a third of the way through the planned parade route, according to city of Waukesha.

Kraemer wrote on Twitter that “a woman who lives on Main Street says she saw the SUV barrel through a dance team of girls between 9 and 15 years old. She says the immediate reaction was silence, followed by screaming, running, checking on those injured.”

Video from reportedly taken from Nice Ash Cigar Bar in Waukesha show shocked onlookers near where the car struck onlookers.

Another video reportedly taken inside one Twitter user’s grandmother’s apartment alongside the parade route show first responders near the intersection.

Literally so sad. This is the view from my 93 year old grandmother’s window of mainstreet in #Waukesha. Countless elderly watched this shit happen right in front of them at the parade. I am sick honestly. ? pic.twitter.com/hTpnuci2Xk— Joe Anklam (@joe_anklam) November 21, 2021

An eyewitness to the event, business reporting intern with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Kaylee Staral, told CNN that around 30 minutes into the parade, there were screams that were originally though to be Santa coming down the parade route. Those screams ended up being from when the SUV hit onlookers.