(The Post Millennial) – The investigation into how Alec Baldwin killed his cinematographer has had new facts about the breaches of safety protocol come to light.

According to a source speaking to The Wrap, the revolver at the center of last week’s tragedy was used for “live-ammunition target practice” earlier that day. Crew members took the guns used on set and shot beer cans with them, using live ammo for their pastime.

David Halls handed the first assistant director David Halls a revolver from the prop cart, describing it as “cold” without any live ammo in it.

A breakdown of the situation was shared on Twitter by actor Greg Ellis.

This is on top of the information already discussed today about how loose ammunition and casings were left unattended in the general vicinity.

It was last Thursday that actor Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on the “Rust” movie production set. The investigation that ensued has authorities asking who exactly on staff were involved in this tragic accident, as well as how the gun was mishandled.

It was previously known that half a dozen crew members walked off the job last Thursday over long hours, questions over payment, and disputes over the long commute to work.

Head armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was described by other production members as inexperienced, especially with how she was “unsafe” in loading blanks. Alec Baldwin was trying to find out how to set up a particular scene when it happened.

Reid Russel is named as a cameraman who witnessed the shooting taking place. He explained that the protesting crew members wrote a formal letter of their concerns to the production team, and that somehow those on set acquired the firearm after a lunch break.

A walk off the set with IATSE union people should’ve shut down the production for a day or two. But instead, according to The Wrap’s source, “Rust” producers hired non-union people instead.

Alec Baldwin is said to be taking a break from acting, as manslaughter charges are still on the table.