Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized the Biden administration and Democratic prosecutors for their recurring indictments against former President Donald Trump, while also expressing her steadfast support for him.

Following Trump’s latest indictment by special counsel Jack Smith, which was related to the Jan. 6 Capitol Building riot, Greene took to social media to voice her opinions. She declared her intention to cast a vote for Trump even if he is incarcerated.

The charges against Trump and others revolved around claims of conspiring with allies to spread false information about the 2020 election and planning actions to overturn his defeat to President Biden.

As per the indictment, Trump and his associates were accused of repeatedly making false statements about the election results in the months after his loss, along with attempting to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence and state election officials to retain power, as noted by Fox News.

Greene likened the recent charges to a “communist attack” on Americans’ right to choose their leaders. She affirmed her commitment by stating, “I will still vote for Trump even if he’s in jail. This is a communist attack on America’s first amendment to vote for who THE PEOPLE want for President by an attempt to take Trump off the ballots through a politically weaponized DOJ. People know exactly what this is.”

In response to the indictments, the Georgia Republican called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, not as a form of political retribution, but due to what she termed a “mountain” of “evidence” of corruption held by the GOP.

Greene emphasized, “Republicans need to open their eyes… DO THE RIGHT THING. Impeach the CRIMINAL IN CHIEF!!!”

Furthermore, Greene advocated for the expungement of Trump’s impeachments from official records. She stated, “These egregious impeachments must be expunged. They are stains on the House of Representatives that should not be allowed to stand.”

Addressing Trump’s indictment, she asserted, “Today’s indictment of President Trump is a political assassination attempt by Joe Biden and his henchmen to remove the leading presidential candidate from the ballot in 2024. The American people will reelect President Trump!”

In a video shared on her platform, Greene expressed concerns about a dual standard that she believes stifles American voices and impedes political fairness. She emphasized the challenge of ensuring a fair trial for Trump or any Republican leader within the current predominantly left-leaning political climate of Washington, D.C.