(Right Scoop) – Police are investigating three attacks on churches in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend as criminal acts of arson and vandalism, it was reported this morning by multiple local news outlets and not CNN.

“Worshipers at St. Jane Frances De Chantal Parish went to church at an alternate location Sunday morning after a fire was set overnight inside the parish, according to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services,” reported NBC affiliate WRC-TV. “Authorities are investigating the fire as arson.”

CBS affiliate WJLA said it this way: “Three neighboring churches of varying denominations were targeted by vandals and arsonists in Bethesda, Md. over the weekend, according to Montgomery County officials.”

WTOP writes: “Less than a mile away, vandals also damaged the Wildwood Baptist Church and neighboring North Bethesda United Methodist Church, where a small fire was started on the property outside, causing an estimated $1,000 in damages.

Investigators also discovered damaged head stones & broken wood pieces scattered at the cemetery adjacent to Wildwood Baptist.”

I point out the local reports because this is not ambiguous. It’s a criminal investigation and the police are treating these as deliberate attacks, criminal acts of arson and vandalism.

At churches.

While a political ideology is freaking out about religious beliefs because they think someone might have fewer abortions.

And the national press is STILL not saying a word. Despite a string of this very thing across the country for weeks.

Someone tried to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh. That did not dissuade people putting bounties on his location or standing on his front lawn, nor persuade the press or Democrats to speak out against it meaningfully, and then he gets harassed at a restaurant and the media thinks it’s funny, not dangerous.

So why would they care about increasing violence against houses of worship? The press has their own religion and its name is Abortion.